Manage yourself, Master your life

Managing yourself and your expectations of what you think you should be doing and what you are actually capable of doing is an interesting learning in life. When we are Kid’s we are managed by our parents and told when you go to bed, to eat our veggies and to rest when we are stressed. But when we become adults there is no one there telling us to look after ourselves, to get a better night’s sleep, to eat healthily and to sometimes just stop and breath.

We have to learn to manage ourselves; Of course, we can stay up really late, drink wine on a school night and eat whatever we want but it doesn’t mean that we should and often leaves us feeling less than amazing, irritable and cranky.

Maybe older, maybe wiser but I am slowly learning to manage myself better and making healthier life choices when I’m feeling a bit wrung out or not so amazing. To be a bit more kind, get a bit more sleep and replenishing the reserves when I run out.

When you are an overachiever this is harder than you think to just learn to rest or to do things that nourish your soul, like writing in this blog for me.

So I’m learning to rest, learning to manage my life and learning to just be me.

Find Your Own Light X


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