Courage. Persistence. Resilience.

Courage, persistence and resilience have become daily words that bobble around in my head since I started my own business…

Courage because it takes a particular kind of madness, courage or recklessness (whatever you want to call it) to step out of a stable full-time job and follow your passions. To pursue a dream that no one can see but you. To sink your savings into a dream and take on debt. And spending your time working harder than you ever have in your life for less money than you’ve ever earned in those early days to get a business up and running.

It is often a lonely madness as you have no colleagues to bounce things off. You see your friends less and less because they either don’t understand your journey or you are not around the office every day chatting with them, so things change. I don’t know why, but they just do…  It takes courage and madness to want to keep doing that every day.

Persistence because every day you need to make the choice to keep pushing, to keep trying and to keep being positive. Every day is a step in the right direction. Some days they are significant steps, other days they are tiny little steps that get you a little bit further. But they are all steps none the less.  If you look back at them over a year, they add up to something to be immensely proud of. Every day persistent is what counts.

And resilience well because sometimes the punches come from the wildest angles when you run your own start-up business. You have a win, and then a big bill will come in or a client questions some work or something doesn’t go to plan, or you wait… wait… wait on the next lot of work to come in. And this can happen on the daily…

You can’t have the courage to do something without the persistence and resilience to keep going. To keep chasing the dream, to keep looking at the bigger picture of what you are trying to do, what you are trying to create and what it all means.

We push and twirl and fall down, get up, hit a high and cry all in the same 24hours sometimes… And when people look from the outside in thinking it all looks great, effortless and easy, you laugh on the inside just a little bit. Because the saying is true; “If you knew at the start how hard it would be, would you do it…?”

Find Your Own Light

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