Waiting for the river to flow…

Creating content is something I love – Light, texture’s, place’s all tie into to creating gorgeous photos and content, and I also love to write. But as any creative would know there are many times, weeks or season when creativity doesn’t come…

I have learnt to seize the creative moments when they come, to savour them and to try and get as much work done, but the thing with creative endeavours is you can’t just schedule some time in your diary to be creative and create content, you need to be in the right headspace to do it.

And if you are tired, drained, had a big weekend or whatever has unbalanced you, the creativity is like a dry creek bed… There is nothing flowing… I have tried many things to get my creative juices flowing from burning candles, to playing classical music (which usually works a treat), to locking myself in my office or just getting outdoors but sometimes nothing works.

You just have to almost wait for the season to turn and for it to start flowing again.

I often find the more I force it and the more agitated I get just makes it worse. I’ve found with writing that if I just start, it starts to flow and then I need to get to it all out whilst I’m on a roll.

But with other endeavours sometimes I just have to be a little patient, to give it some space and to allow it to flow when it flows and not be upset when it doesn’t.

If you have any tips for getting creative juices flowing, I’d Love to hear them.

Find Your Own Light. X

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