Magnify the good, not the bad

Human being’s we are wonderful and complex creatures. For all our brains, power and ability we can often be too smart for our own good. We over think things, magnify the small and insignificant and give into fear more than we care to admit.

I have been trying to be mindful in my daily life of not getting too absorbed in my own shit and trying not to magnify the bad instead of amplifying the good. When we are being mindful and trying to change a habit it seems to become a big deal in life, am I right?

It’s like when you are thinking about buying a specific new car, and you start seeing that car everywhere you go. It’s like suddenly everyone has THAT car that you want.

Well, it’s the same for when you try and focus on a habit you are trying to retrain your brain into or out of. So I’m trying to focus on the good things and not the bad. It can draw out your demons and weird thoughts about things. Like when you go into a meeting, and there can be ten positives that come up but you focus on the one negative or constructive bit of feedback put on the table.

So how do we rise above it, try and improve on that one thing but don’t let it rule our lives, let the fear take over and obsess over it…? I haven’t quite worked out the answer yet, but I’m working on it.

I’m learning that it takes a little self-love to start with, the self-awareness to stop yourself in your tracks and look at the bigger picture and well the ability to put your ego aside and get on with the task at hand.

Wouldn’t we all be so much more powerful in our daily lives if we could magnify the good instead of the bad?

Find Your Own Light

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