If you find it hard to juggle it all and look good doing it, this one is for you!

For the last couple of weeks, I feel like I’ve been running a marathon, each and every day. Some days it’s a sprint to get the most critical things finished. Some days it just feels like I’m falling further and further behind, I’m chasing my tail, and I’m a little hamster on the wheel of life, churning around and around. And the thing about having a lot on your plate is that the harder you work, the less you seem to achieve!

It’s not unusual for people to have a lot on their plate. There is no longer the traditional 9 – 5 workday, it’s generally from sun up to sun down, and we have to fit it all in; work, family and a myriad of other competing deadlines and priorities.

No matter how you look at it, everyone’s got stuff. We all have the same hours in the day, and we all have stuff, but some seem to handle their ‘stuff’ better than others.

I read a book recently that really resonated and it talked about people who are what they called ‘Life naturals’ You know those friends, the ones that glide through life, not only looking amazing but also keeping all the balls in the air career wise, family wise and never forgetting a friends birthday.

Oh, and they never seem have meltdowns or down days. I’m sure they do but they don’t show it. They appear to deal with the day to day with so little effort. This hit a chord with me as a life natural I AM NOT!!!

I don’t sail through life smoothly, and I never have. I’ve had to work really hard at everything I do. School didn’t come easily and work for me has always been something I work incredibly hard at.

Relationships, I’m learning every day to be better at them and sometimes staying at home instead of going out with friends when I’ve had a long week suits my little-introverted mind.

But just because I’m not a life natural doesn’t mean I don’t have goals and ambitions bigger than my boots! I do, and so involves the push and pull. Working on being mindful, getting proper sleep and exercise has always been key to keeping all the balls in the air for me. But somedays you wish it just came a little bit more naturally!

When I’m tired and drained everyone feels it, especially me and I end up getting to the end of the week not looking amazing, not feeling amazing and a little at the end of my rope. And the only way I’m finding to deal with this is to just put it in what I like to call the ‘Fuck it bucket’ and start again tomorrow, or next week or whenever really. And generally, pour a big wine (That helps too)

And tomorrow or the next day I know I will be back to my old self, sailing through life a little more comfortable but having that come naturally has never been my forte. One of the beautiful things I am learning to embrace about not being a life natural is that it has made me far more determined to go after what I want, and many days I do wonder if it all came a lot easier, would I be where I am today?

So if you are an un-life natural like me – I salute you!

Find Your Own Light xx

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