Life is like the seasons…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how life is like the seasons. We go through happy days; full of sunshine and light, where things seem to flow a little easier, people are drawn to us naturally, and well, it’s just a little lighter and more summery.

Winter seasons can often not be so cheery, they can be a little dreary, a little sad and sometimes just a little boring. But there is always those few moments of light and bright in them.

Life can be sweet and breezy when we are doing things, creating and it’s full steam ahead, and we feel amazing, and other times we feel wrought out, drained and just trying to get through each day. Sometimes it’s not for any particular reason, it’s just that things are just so.┬áBut just like the calendar season; they come, and they go.

We never get stuck in despair, sadness or boredom forever unless we really choose to and the sunlight rays will eventually peek through on a dark and dreary day and remind you of the beauty of the world.

I’ve learnt through my hardest seasons that they don’t last. The sun will shine again, you just need to keep believing in the light and be a little patient. We look back often on the winter times as the learnings of our life, and when we are in the throes of them, we would give anything for it just to be summer again.

But when we are in the summer; we often fail to stop and appreciate it. To stop and breath and take it all in because it may not stay that way forever. It will change again.

So as the season come and go through your life, remember that the hard times will pass, the dull times are like little rest periods to give you the time and space to plot your next move and the summerly light times as worth seizing and enjoying…

Find Your Own Light Xx

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