Do you consider yourself a kind person?

Kindness; “The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate”.

Seems simple enough to say that we are kind, a lot of us would like to think we are kind as much as we would like to think that others afford that attribute to our personality as well.

Kindness is often one of the most undervalued traits in today’s society. So are you kind?

Are you friendly to the sixteen-year-old high school student serving you at the Foodland checkout? Are you generous with your love towards your partner when they are getting on your nerves and are you considerate of others needs and wants in an office meeting taking into account different opinions are just as valuable?

Often we are striving for so many things, but I wonder what life would be like if more people aimed to be kind. What kind of world would we live in then?

We strive to be educated, to have a great career, to learn, to love and to have friends and family around us and supporting us. We fill our days to the brim and work very hard for things that are supposed to bring us joy but often we value things over people, success in our work instead of great relationships with our friends and family.

Often society places value on things that don’t really matter…

Kindness it is such a simple skill but one that does require thought and practice. It is something that you need to actively participate in it.

To consciously make the effort to smile at that server even when you are having a shitty day, to take the time out to text your friend to see how they are and catch up for a coffee and to be a little nicer to your partner and let the small stuff go when you are stressed and feeling less than amazing.

Strive to be not just all the things that society tells us to be but strive to be the kindest person in the room when it affords it. To not be a doormat but also to watch your words and think about their impact on others, to smile more and to let shit go.

Find Your Own Light XX

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