FIND YOUR OWN LIGHT is a community to connect, motivate and to be authentically you.

These days we are more connected than ever before but also more disconnected thanĀ ever before. All my friends are busy, and stressed, and cancel on things multiple times because we live in a world of overloaded schedules and priorities and I am determined to find a different way to live my life.

A more authentic way to be, a life that allows me to be around the people I love and to not be so stressed all the time.

I started my own business to follow my passions, to be more creative and to see if I can make it in the business world, but entrepreneurship is hard work, sometimes lonely, and most of the time you feel a little bit crazy…

But it is where I am at my most authentic self. I’m a classic overachiever who is trying hard to be more mindful and to enjoy each and every day.

FIND YOUR OWN LIGHT is about finding your community; sharing resources, taking time to read things that nourish the soul and helping you Find your Own light.

Lots of love

Find your own light. Xxx