Meltdowns… Like a little kindness tap

Meltdowns, we all have them, we all get to a point in our week, month or day when we just starting feeling overwhelmed, and like it’s all a bit too much. This morning I had an epic meltdown – I felt tired… like the world was against me and like it was all too hard… It is not one thing in particular, but a series of things that led to me feeling like this and as the tears followed I allowed myself to just be with it, to roll with it.

I worked half my day from my bed, with a pot of tea, in my Pj’s and with my laptop. I needed to get work done, and that was how it was going to roll, and you know what that’s Ok. 


Startup life often means working from home, which I mainly and for the most part love. I have an office, I don’t have any problems with motivating myself to do my work and if anything the struggle I have is to have better boundaries and stop working so much… and when deadlines are building, and the work is pilling up working from home can be great because you get up, do a work out and then you are straight into your workday. 

Be your own kind of beautiful

In life, love and work you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. At some stage in our lives we all realise this, and the sooner we do, the better our lives are. I was lucky to recognise this in my mid 20’s, and as a result, my relationships, friendships and overall self-esteem have been all the better for it. It is a beautiful thing when you just don’t give an F what anyone else thinks about you…

Courage. Persistence. Resilience.

Courage, persistence and resilience have become daily words that bobble around in my head since I started my own business… 

Courage because it takes a particular kind of madness, courage or recklessness (whatever you want to call it) to step out of a stable full-time job and follow your passions. To pursue a dream that no one can see but you. To sink your savings into a dream and take on debt. And spending your time working harder than you ever have in your life for less money than you’ve ever earned in those early days to get a business up and running.


As I grow, not older but hopefully wiser I have started to understand the importance of having a good morning routine, I know that sounds like a bit of silly thing to say, but it has become even more critical since I’ve been running my own business. 

Not Chasing… Not Following… Living my dreams…

As I sat down at my computer today and looked at the date to write it on an invoice I was a bit shocked to see that it was the 24th of July…. How did it get over half way through this year already?!? It seems that every year as we get older they seem…